Working with a Filipino Virtual Assistant for the first time?

Working with a Filipino virtual assistant for the first time?

Not sure how to make things work with your Filipino VA?

We’ve summarized some crucial details that you might want to check out before working with your Filipino virtual assistant:

FAMILY: Filipinos are generally family-oriented and will do whatever it takes to provide for them. Love and respect their family, and they will love you even more.

TRADITION: Traditions such as family dinners, going to church together, or simply keeping Sundays for family time are best kept by most people until today. It is important to keep them free from work-related worries after clocking out.

WEEKENDS: Weekends are for resting. This means no work call if it’s not urgent. Filipinos love spending time at home with their families and pets. It’s all about family and being at home for them.

HOLIDAYS: Wait until it’s almost December. Filipinos love Christmas, that they start decorating their houses in September! Filipino VAs typically save their vacation leaves to spend more family time on the Christmas season and spend their hard-earned money to make their families happy.

Working with a Filipino Virtual Assistant for the first time?

TIME: There’s a running joke that Filipinos are always late (until WFH happened), and that’s 80% true. With the country’s traffic and transportation problems, getting late for everything has become the norm.

WORK: Have you ever met a person as hardworking as a Filipino? We bet not! Filipinos work EXTRA hard to make ends meet, even when it costs leaving home for a greener pasture.

LOYALTY: By treating your VA like family, you will gain your VA’s trust and loyalty, just like that.

FLEXIBILITY: Niching is good, but did you know that most Filipinos are skilled and flexible enough to get things done? They are also resourceful, resilient, and trustworthy! Also, did we mention that most VAs work a graveyard shift to cater to clients from different time zones?

CREATIVITY: Not a lot of people know this, but Filipinos can create world-class quality output right from the comforts of their homes.