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New VA trainee under supervision, Works with project managers between tasks, Can take in very basic administrative tasks, Up to 3 revisions, With minimal VA experience, Flexible work schedule


Basic administration – Data entry, Inbox management, Basic research, Basic content writing, Data organization, Transcription



Knowledgeable and at least 1 year experience, Good to excellent communication skills, Works in flexible hours, Can work independently with little to no supervision, Able to learn new skills quickly, Fixed and flexible work hours


Executive Administration (non-voice) – Email management, Appointment booking, Calendar management, Research, Communications management, Prepare meeting agenda, Attend company meetings and write minutes, Event planning and management, Coordinate with key persons, Create company presentations, Handle confidential business information, Convert documents, Uploading of videos to course portal, Program/course support (basic)

Digital Marketing –
Basic graphic design (Canva), Social media management, Copywriting (social media captions), Engagement, Community growth, Basic website management, Newsletter creation and management, Email marketing, Content scheduling and publishing, Creating promotional content materials, Short video editing (Reels/Tiktok/Shorts/Story), Analytics report

Lead generation –
Joining social media groups, Prospecting, Qualifying leads, Outreach, Appointment setting, Manual search using social media, Database growth



Good to excellent communication skills, Builds solid systems and strategies, Executes projects and tasks as planned, Advanced technical skills, Able to establish and maintain good working relationships, Runs systems independently, Highly proactive and productive, Flexible work schedule with fast turnover, Team player and leader qualities, Proven expertise and systems


Executive Business Development – Customer relationship management, High-level communications management, Execute + create ccompany SOPs

Digital marketing –
Branding + Logo Design, Marketing strategy, Sales/landing pages, Sales funnels, Web design, Shopify design, Website payment gateway setup, Target market research, E-book creation, Launch support , Systems creation 

Lead generation –
Target research, Strategy development, Identifying market targets, Cold calling, Script writing, Email verification, Automated generation, Data scraping, Sales funnels management

Writing – 
Blogs, Product reviews, Ad copies, Research, Medical research, Product descriptions, Scripts, E-Books, Online courses

Podcast Production – 
Edit raw audio recordings, Add intros and outros, Remove background noise and fillers, Improve volume levels, Incorporate background music and sound effects, Write transcripts, Create marketing materials, Schedule/publish content, Manage accounts, Analytics report, Connect to potential guest speakers

Video Editing (branding, instructional, informational, BTS, testimonial, vlogs, video podcasts) – 
Cut raw video footages, Add effects and nice transitions, Incorporate sound effects and background music, Improve stabilization and color grading, Add titles/headlines

Ads management – 
Strategy development, Run ads for Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Analytics report, Write ad copies, Manage ads budget, Ad optimization, Content creation for ads, Copywriting

SEO – 
Research and analysis, Audit, Keyword searching, Strategy building and planning, Link building, Social media and website optimization, Technical SEO processes

Customer Support (voice – inbound/outbound) – 
Cold calling, Offer sales and services, Resolve issues and concerns, Assist clients/customers with requests and other needs, Document inquiries, Process orders, refunds, and cancellations

Advanced graphic design –
Create layouts and mockups, Design mood boards, Logo design, Illustration design, Calling cards, Advertising/marketing materials, Use photoshop and other related programs

Accounting/Bookkeeping –
Process payroll account, Client invoicing, Document financial transactions, Manage account system and database, Create financial statements and reports, Use online accounting/bookkeeping softwares

E-Commerce management –
Store management, Product research and listing, Sales management, Inventory management, Order processing and fulfillment


Let's test the waters for 4 hours!
$ 9
/ hour
  • Skilled Category
  • 36-hour delivery
  • Discovery Call
  • Direct VA Contact


Let's test the waters for 4 hours!
$ 11
/ hour
  • Specialized Category
  • 36-hour delivery
  • Discovery Call
  • Direct VA Contact

How It Works

Payment Method


Frequently asked questions

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who works remotely either from home, a different state, or another country.  We like to call them remote professionals as well.

Virtual assistants generally do administrative assistance, but as the industry evolved and the demand increased, the roles have expanded as well. Technically, you can assign all things digital.

We are all scattered in the different parts of the Philippines. While we offer permanent work from home, our business is certified true, legal, registered, and tax-paying.

Filipinos are generally hardworking, resilient, loyal, dedicated, and resourceful. Why do you think you can find at least one Filipino in every country you visit? Filipinos offer world-class talent and you’ll be able to work with amazing people in a second. Hit the Discovery Call button to talk to us!

The Basic Package offers administrative and repetitive duties, while the Premium Package provides specialized technical services.

Absolutely. For example, you purchase a Basic Package under Executive Administration, you can still assign simple social media management tasks. You can do this as long as the tasks are within the virtual assistant’s capacity and the main role remains. In this scenario, you cannot assign video editing and expect the virtual assistant to deliver excellence. If you need a certain service that your assigned virtual assistant cannot deliver, we will assign another team member to take over the task with no extra cost.

No, you don’t have to. We pay all business taxes and will pay the virtual assistants on your behalf. Remember, they are independent contractors, not employees.

We highly recommend using Wise. We have international bank accounts through Wise, so we can accommodate payments from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand at no extra cost to you. However, if you choose to pay via Paypal, we will require additional fees because Paypal charges are off the roof and their conversion rates are bad. Don’t worry, we can teach you how to use Wise (Wise to Wise) or bank to bank.

Oh, before we forget, we require payment before rendering any service (except for the 4-hour trial). If the work is regular, you will pay once a month.

1 month or 30 days. Each package will expire after 30 days, so you need to consume your purchased hours before it does.

We have a recruitment team with years of experience in the industry. Plus, we have a pool of over 2,000 virtual assistants in our system that we can easily access.

Our recruitment process is streamlined to provide you with virtual assistants who are not only knowledgeable and skilled, but also interested to continually grow and learn while giving value to our clients.

We also strive to conduct regular trainings and guidance to our virtual assistants to make sure that they are not left behind.

Most, if not all, can understand basic English. However, our virtual assistants are screened well to ensure that their communication skills pass the standards required by our clients.

Do we hire virtual assistants who are not good at speaking English? Yes. Not all virtual assistants are client-facing. Many technical virtual assistants are introverts and non-conversational, but that does not mean they will not succeed.

Tell us what you need and we will deliver accordingly.

We do our best to treat our virtual assistants like family. They are family to us. We want to pay them fairly and reasonably for them to be able to take care of their personal needs.

After all, the business was built to support people who wish to stay home with their aging parents and growing kids. As we expand the company, we aim to provide better benefits and incentives to the people working behind the screens.

In most cases, unused hours will expire and the package will have to be renewed in order to continue working with us. However, we love our clients so much that we consider renegotiation of terms. You can simply send an email request at support@thinkwritedigital.com to let us know.

Not recommended. Let’s all be professionals and avoid making unethical decisions such as bypassing authority by going underground. We work so hard every single day, so inviting your assigned virtual assistant to work with you directly will incur more harm to us in the future.

We require our virtual assistants to provide our clients with regular updates. We strongly discourage using time trackers because again, they are not employees, but independent contractors. We do not want them to feel restricted to do bathroom breaks during work hours. We encourage quick breaks without having to turn off any tracker.

The foundation of freelancing is trust. We encourage you to trust your virtual assistant with your business. In return, you will reap the benefits of their productivity and excellent outputs.

Again, only employed individuals are entitled to such privileges. We do not promise leaves, 13th-month pay, bonuses, and other government benefits.

However, feel free to give them the break that they deserve after a long and productive week. We’ve seen clients giving away tips to our virtual assistants and that’s not a problem at all.

We will be working on providing them with paid rest days soon, but in the meantime, we thrive to provide them with good hourly rates.

No. 100% will go directly to them. If you want to give a good cash incentive to your virtual assistant, we encourage you to send it together with the monthly package payment to reduce transaction fees. We’ve also seen clients send electronics such as computers. You may do that as well.

Of course! We give our discounts to our loyal clients for every successful referral. We can also do partnerships if you have access to consistent clients.

After the 30-day period, yes. Feel free to ghost us, but we would appreciate at least 1 week’s notice so that the virtual assistant can prepare and we can match them with a new client.

There are additional fees if you choose to pay via Paypal, but other than that, we’re pretty straightforward.

In rare cases that you don’t work well with your assigned virtual assistant, we will replace them for free.

Sure, as long as it is no less than 20 hours per month.

Absolutely. We have clients who build their team through our services and they love it! The more VAs you hire from us, the more discounts we give.

Please click on the Discovery Call button to book a call with us (it’s free!) or send us an email at hello@thinkwritedigital.com.