Here's Why You Get What You Pay For

Here’s Why You Get What You Pay For

Online businesses are rampant these days. With social media platforms as an affordable and easy to use marketing tool, it’s no wonder why the E-commerce industry is booming. Since most brands have now gone digital, it is only understandable that these brands hire virtual employees as their staff. 

Filipinos as Virtual Assistants 

Filipinos usually make a great virtual assistant. Why? Simply because they are hard-working, reliable, smart, and, most of all, have pleasing personalities. The Filipinos are notoriously known for being warm, hospitable, and kind. These are just a few of the many characteristics that set Filipinos apart. When working hand in hand with a Filipino, you are in for a pleasant and smooth ride. Filipinos, when treated right, are loyal business partners. 

Most international brands only hire Filipino virtual assistants because they have lower rates than other nationalities. But one thing you should always remember when investing in your brand is this: quality over quantity. So here are eight reasons why you should not low-ball your Filipino virtual assistants. 

Quality investments equal to quality results 

Quality beats quantity. If you invest in a virtual assistant for your business, make sure to pay them well. Invest in all your staff. You and your business will benefit from this. Some studies show how well-paid Filipinos, in general, work better than an underpaid workforce. Simply because when you take care of your staff, they take care of your business. 


The workload you give to your VAs should always be equal to what you pay them. Most of your interactions will be through video call meetings. To ensure that your bond is enough for your VA to stay loyal, pay them what they’re due. Well paid staff repay clients by staying faithful to the company and working excellently. 

High Education Levels

More than 50% of the Philippine population is educated. You’ll be working with professionals. With a high literacy rate, you are bound to work with people who know how to get their work done. 

English fluency

English is one of the core subjects Filipinos have in their educational curriculum. With Filipino virtual assistants, communication should not be a problem. 


The Philippines is booming with call centers. A vast number of the population has worked with international clients with different needs.


Since most Filipinos have worked in call center companies, they’re used to shifting schedules or working at night. This means with the right amount of VAs; your business could operate 24/7. 

Most households are connected to the internet

Most Filipino households are WiFi ready, so you are assured that your VAs will be online when you need them to be. 


If you’re looking for a VA that specializes in one niche (writing, software development, and more), make sure to pay for the quality of work your VA will do. 

They deserve it

If you get to hire a dedicated and professional VA, it’s no question that your VA deserves better pay—thinking about a $3/hr. VA? Think again!

In a nutshell, Filipinos are great VAs. Think of them as investments for your quickly growing brand. 

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