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8 Ways To Grow Your E-Commerce Business In 2020

E-Commerce has been the rave for the past few years, and good reasons! This is why we are letting you in on eight practical ways to help you get ahead of the competition this 2020! 

 Instagram worthy and shoppable content

Instagram has grown as a social media platform. Most businesses use Instagram to market and reach their consumers. 

With Instagram’s shoppable posts, your customers can buy your products through Instagram. This makes it easy for your Instagram audience! 

Another way that you can market your business through Instagram is through influencer marketing. Basically, you reach out to influencers you want to work with and ask them to sell your products for you. This way, you get to collaborate and reach a bigger audience. 

Personalize your content

Strong competitors around, personalizing your content to what your customers want to see, is something you must adapt to. When you personalize your content, you tailor it to what your customers want to see, making it easier to choose which of your products they would like to get. 

User-Generated Content or UGC0

Potential customers like knowing what existing customers think of your products. They like knowing what they think of it; this is why User-Generated Content is critical. When potential customers see that your product works for existing customers, it will nudge them to buy from you. So encourage your customers to post photos and reviews of your products.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is great for online stores. Since this is a performance-based marketing technique, you only pay affiliates with commissions when they generate sales. This is why most businesses are using affiliate marketing to help them sell their products and services. 

Customer retention

Retaining your existing customer base is a cost-efficient way of increasing sales. You already know that they love your products. Make sure that you also market your products to them to gain repeat customers. 

Market best-selling products

You already have the data that shows which products sell more. Make sure to market these products more because you are already assured that these products are a win for the majority of your customer pool. 

Collaborate with other brands

If you’re looking for an affordable and great way to market your business, collaborate with other brands. Find relatable brands and work with them to market your products. A great way to do this is you give your partner’s customers a discount when they get your products through your partner. Not only will you get to collaborate with another brand, but you get to widen your customer base too. 

Outsource your tasks

Once your business starts to grow, the workload will, too. This is why hiring a virtual assistant and outsourcing your tasks, is a great way to make sure that all your tasks are done with quality. VAs are a cost-effective way of hiring people. You don’t have to pay for your employee’s electricity and equipment. You’ll purely be funding the quality of work they’ll put in your brand. 

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